Just A Little Piece Of My Mind That I Actually Have Left

Just a little journal piece for tonight, nothing more but my fingers throwing down the words my brain is regurgitating. All in ADHD fashion of course! 😉 I am only a week into this whole blog thing and I am beyond exhausting with all the research and development I have done, but hopefully it pays off. I think the work from home mom trying to do freelance work, blogging and networking has to really hustle more than the 9-5 worker. You have to promote something to an audience and hope they buy it. You have to write things that grab people’s attention and keep people wanting to return to your website. It’s a bit tough and challenging to say the least. Don’t get me wrong, the moms who go out and do the 9-5 jobs everyday work their butts off and hustle hard as well. It’s more mental and creative in the online world and physical for the 9-5er. I have been doing more research than I think I have ever done in school. I have watched YouTube videos on marketing and blogging and trying to get inspiration from everywhere. I have so much I can think about in one day to write about but the laying it out for people to read is harder than it seems. Did I mention on days 3 of starting my blog that my computer of 5 years gave out? Well, the wi-fi card quit working and my husband decided to invest in a new computer for me. Thankfully my passion for writing can also become a career and a new computer would come in handy for me to work with. I got this new HP laptop and I love it! It folds in half and has a touch screen and acts as a tablet as well. It’s amazing! Also equipped with Windows 10 and it is a lot better than Windows 8 on my last computer. Major plus for the new one. Anyway, I am also going to be doing some favorites list and some recipes for the upcoming holidays. I am most excited to eventually set up a portfolio to share of some photos of different things. Mostly nature because that’s my biggest interest when it comes to photography. And it’s all done by my new Nikon point and shoot! Not fancy or rich enough for the high-tech digital SLR camera (YET), but one day I will get one.

I got the Nikon Coolpix B500 (affiliate) It’s not the fanciest but it does take some good inside photos. I only checked it out in the house tonight but you bet I will be testing it outside as soon as the sun is up. I have so many things I want to share and talk about, so to some up a certain blog niche and stick to it just wasn’t for a typical ADHD’er. Journal and Lifestyle Blog is what this blog is. It’s a journal of MY life stories and experiences. Some personal and some just random thoughts. A lot of post will be about life and the things I enjoy and love the most. All the beauty that should be shared with those who want to take a peak inside my mind and life. Be careful…it gets messy and crazy and painful and reckless and……I wander off into nowhere. And that’s where you get me…wandering recklessly. The crazy, wandering recklessly, ADHD, mentally challenged, over emotional, way out of the park on that subject, rant about nothing and everything, loosing my mind, wife and mother; who thinks she will lose her mind at any given moment in time. Stick around for a while. We might actually have some things in common 🙂


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