A Letter To The Young Girl I Used To Be

Things used to be so simple in life,

With the exception of a few things;

But you did not understand simplicity,

So you complained a lot about everything.


You used to worry about growing up

And being an adult too fast;

You didn’t even realize all the time passing,

The times that would not last.


The people who you believed would stay,

And stick around forever;

The friendships and the heartaches,

Yeah, you thought you were clever.


You never realized how quickly time passes

And people just become a memory;

Your loved ones pass on and leave you,

Those soles resting now and  free.


All the “should haves” and “would haves”

Are all gone forever now.

Time is of the essence, my girl,

I wish you understood how.


Every single choice made by you

Has predetermined the future;

Wasted time on lost causes and people

Time that could have been nurtured.


Wild and careless actions and lifestyles

Give only certain outcomes;

Mostly nothing great or even good

But most leaving you numb.


If only the worried you have today

Would be as small as back then;

You could run through your yesterdays

And finally feel free again.


Some tragic and painful

Leaving you restless with fright;

Begging and pleading on your knees,

“God, please let my baby survive.”


Such things of the past

You could have never foreseen;

But just know that no matter what.

Nothing is ever as simple as it seems.


This life, this battle, it’s all yours;

Stand up and give it a good fight;

But just  know, win or lose;

You will turn out alright.


You will face many challenges,

And obstacles, at best;

But remember young girl,

This life is only a test.


We know it is written in the Good Book,

That we will all perish someday.

Pray and stay thankful and positive;

Never loosing hope and have faith.


Remember the ones who have stuck with you

Through all the tough times;

Love a lot, laugh endlessly, be passionate;

Remember this time is mine.


Written to Jessica Gaspard the younger, unmarried, no children girl from Jessica Guillory; the married woman with a daughter who fights CHD.

Sometimes life seems so empty and painful in our younger years but we have no clue what real fear and pain is until we face our adult self. -Jessica Guillory

Written by: Jessica Guillory

Friday, August 4, 2017


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