Would You?

Would you recognize pain in the place of a smile or laugh?
Could you hold out your hand with ease to lend a strong grasp?

Would you understand sorrow without death involved?
How misery takes hold and heartache unfolds?

Can you honestly say you know no such pain?
Nothing unbearable to drive you insane?

Would you understand bliss in the taste of a kiss?
A memory so pure you yearn to reminisce.

Can you hear the tears fall when no ones around?
Or the screams in my mind that make such a sound?

Would you mistaken my kindness for a moment of weakness?
Or understand me more and know that I spare sweetness?

What would you say if I told you my minds life?
All its wonders and mysteries and fright.

Would you understand my pain and my joy just the same?
Or make as if I’m a nothing and call me insane?

Can you understand the beauty in all of our pain
Everyone has a story, not all are the same.


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