Does This Age Come With A Warning Sign?: Mommy Chronicles

Oh the joy of being a mother of an almost four-year old. A very strong-willed, strong personality little girl who thinks she is 16. I know, I know! Enjoy them while they are little, but good Lord, I feel like ripping my hair out sometimes. Sometimes I wonder how I have been so blessed with this child and then I wonder what kind of punishment it is to have her be so much like ME! All of this strong-willed personality will benefit her in her older years they say but how do I deal with this now???????

Today I decided since she was actually behaving pretty good and not throwing her fits and dolls everywhere, that I would take her to the library. I have been telling her for a little while now that I would bring her ever since she seen the Bubble Guppies episode where they got their library cards and were checking out books. She couldn’t wait to go see all the books they had and get a library card. We left kind of late and it left a window of about an hour to look around once we would get there. I figured that would be good enough and she would have plenty of time and not get bored. On the way there, in the car, she was dancing and singing and just having a blast. Excited to be going to the library and to be listening to one of her favorite songs on repeat the whole way into town. See video!

We arrive at the library and I explained how she has to talk softly and whisper; no running around, no whining or crying because all that noise distracts other people who are there to do homework and research and such. She agreed she would be on her best behavior. She proceeded to ask if the library had stairs and an elevator. I knew the answer would fill her mind with endless ideas of stair climbing activities that would more than likely get us kicked out forever. We arrived inside the building and she was mesmerized by the kids part of the library until she spotted the stairs! Bye bye kids books and all lovely kid appealing things. The stairs were much more flattering to my kid. So we went upstairs and looked around for two minutes and she was ready to go back down and of course she needed to potty. (Do all 3-4 year olds really need to pee  this often??) Once the bathroom mission was complete we went back downstairs to the children’s area and she lost all interest in books when she spotted tables with puzzles. Other kids were  playing and she wanted to play and not look for books. It was 30 minutes until closing and I’m thinking we are never getting books today. I could have sworn there was an impending meltdown waiting to happen right there on the floor in the library but she WAITED. She picked out a book and we went to get a library card at the desk. From there I had to give the lady some personal information to which my kid didn’t want me to tell the lady. She wanted to tell her but of course, she doesn’t know my birthday and address and such. So she cries and the security guard looks our way and she dries it up. (Remembering that for future references) She waits till we walk outside and throws a fit all the way to the car, and all the way home. Did I mention I went through the drive thru at McDonalds before going home? Yep…because we needed to eat and it was 6pm, otherwise, we would not have stopped. More fit throwing happened because I couldn’t stop driving long enough to open her Minion toy and the wrong song came on the radio.

The fit continues for around thirty minutes once arriving home and I’ve about lost my mind and  my kid is about to be knocked into next year (not for real people, come on!). That damn cartoon on Nick Jr Hey Duggee comes on and she finally decides she can sit and eat. I often think I should take up a drinking habit of some sort just so I can get past these moments where she looses her crap and then I lose mine. Vyvanse doesn’t come in a dose strong enough for this ADHD mommy. I love my daughter to pieces and more than anything in the world but I can promise you I am trying my best. Some days are full of laughter with a few minor mishaps and others are kind of like today. You bring her do something nice and special and that gets ruined with chaos and fits. In the end, she got two books to bring home and mommy got one. Now to make sure the books get preserved and not thrown so they can be returned in good condition. I don’t know what it is about this age group that makes them whinier than when they were still feeding every 2-3 hours but they are. It’s insane!!!

If you are the mother of a pre-school aged child or toddler and you feel like jumping off the highest bridge with concrete underneath…DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!! We should suffer through this together! If you are close by, you should bring margaritas or make some and I’ll come visit. Lord knows I don’t have a babysitter and can’t run off and have a few so just come over with the whole kit. If you are far away, chat with me! Share what works for you and what doesn’t. Talk to me! This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do is raise a child. I feel like a failure but I am struggling to make a decent person out of my kid. We are all just barely getting by in motherhood. It’s tough and we should embrace every opportunity to help each other out whenever and however we can. If you have any information that might help me get through the feisty fours, please leave me a comment or send me some messages. 🙂




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