Take A Look Inside My Soul: Music That Never Leaves My Playlist

They say the way to get to know a person’s soul is to listen to their playlist. Well, here are the ultimate songs that NEVER leave the list. These songs are my “go to” for everything and are played all the time. Have a listen to the whole songs and listen to the lyrics. The words are beautiful even when the music is loud, and the message is powerful. Music is one of the greatest works of art. It puts words to a beat and gives those words melody and creates perfect harmony. It can soothe a broken soul and empower a broken spirit. It is honestly the greatest art form in my opinion.

Birdy-Without A Word

This song is so beautiful. The piano, the voice and the message. Very powerful! I listen to this song every single day. It’s beautiful.


 This is another powerful song by Birdy with the beautiful piano and powerful message. I think she is an amazing artist.


John Mayer-Gravity 

 Got to love John Mayer and his smoothness. This song is just everything.


Ed Sheeran-Make It Rain 

  If you ever watched Son’s Of Anarchy, you have heard this song in at least 2 of the episodes (if you watched the whole series). This song is powerful in ways I can’t even explain. He does this version so well.


Sara Bareilles-She Used To Be Mine 

 I absolutely love this song! This song stays on repeat a lot because of the message it portrays. The song is basically written to herself about the girl she used to be.



  Beautiful music with yet another powerful and heartbreaking message. If you know someone who cuts or has cut before; this song might have meaning to you or to them.


Lena Fayre- This World 

  Another artist with relaxing vibes and a sensual tone to it. I love the sound of the music and how it relaxes me.


Lena Fayre-Colors of Leaving 

  Another sensual, relaxing tone. Mood boosting in the love department.


Burn Season-Perfect

  I cannot get enough of this song. It’s sexy and sensual and just enough guitar and bass. One of my favorites.


Lena Fayre-Possession

  This song is almost trance like to me because of the music. It’s relaxing, sensual and sexy all in one.


Flaw-Wait For Me 

  I love Flaw! My husband turned me on to Flaw when we first started dating and this song has been one of my all time favorites.


Digital Summer-Worth The Pain 

  A little bit on the harder side than the others. A song about pain and the emotional struggle with it. I love the music and the words and how the emotion is portrayed into the singing. Love this band!


Earshot-Should’ve Been There 

  This song is beautiful and heart breaking in a way. This song takes me back to the days where I was reading Thoughtless and Effortless with Kellan and The D-Bags (you have to read the books). The voice is perfect and everything else is as well.


Digital Summer-Inside My head 

  This song is hard and loud and has some anger in it and it speaks to me. I love the band and many of their songs but this was my first love from them.


System Of A Down-Lost In Hollywood 

  One of the more tame songs and one of their best in my opinion. What’s not to love about this song.


Seether-Tied My Hands 

  One of my favorite bands and has the perfect tone and rhythm. I just love the message in the music and how they put it out there. Huge Seether fan here!


Silverchair- Cemetery 

  Love, love, love this song! Nothing more to say. Love it!


Red Hot Chili Peppers-Soul To Squeeze 

  What’s a playlist without at least one of their songs on it. There is plenty to love from the Chili peppers but this one is one of my favorites.



  HUGE Staind fan here!!!! Love the band and Aaron Lewis. Seen him Gulf Port, MS a few years back and he was amazing!!!!! This whole album was the best one to date. This song just takes you to a really personal place. It speaks to me on a very personal level.


Staind-So Far Away 

  Love everything about this song, It came out around the time I first met my husband and I finally found my person. I was in a happy place and the song made perfect sense to me.


Papa Roach-Falling Apart 

 Nothing is better than listening to a Papa Roach song that brings you the feels. This song speaks to me on a spiritual level.


Papa Roach-Face Everything And Rise 

  If you need a boost to get you moving and get through some rough spots…put this song on. Nothing better than someone speaking on breaking through, facing everything and rising above it all.



  This whole album is awesome and personal.


Staind-Warm Safe Place 

  A personal song about a person being a safe place. A deep emotional song.


Staind-Zoe Jane 

  For the love of his daughter. This song is such sweetness from a father to his daughter. I absolutely love this song.


Candlebox-Cover Me 

  One of my favorite all time songs growing up. Never gets old!


Pearl Jam-Black 

  This song has many memories from my teen years with my friends. Pearl Jam is a great band.



  Great band and great song.


Sam Hunt-Make You Miss Me 

  All of his music is good and this song is one of my favorites.


Smashing Pumpkins-Disarm 

  Touches all the right feels for me. Best song by them and I cannot stop myself from playing this song on repeat once I start.



 Alice In Chains might be the original but this version is better (to me anyway). Both bands sing this song amazingly and the song is personal and deep and I love everything about it.


These are my most played, go-to-for-everything songs. Maybe you enjoyed them or maybe they are some you never even heard of. Leave me some of your favorites in comments.  Let me know what you think as well.

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