Top 5 YouTube Channels You Need To Be Watching: Beauty Vlogs

  1. Jaclyn Hill  – Jaclyn Roxanne Hill from Illinois, married to drummer Jon Hill. One of my favorite beauty guru’s to watch. She is well-known for her collaborations with BECCA Cosmetics on her popular face highlight “Champagne Pop”. Also known for collabs with Makeup Geek, Sigma, and Morphe. She recently released a new eyeshadow palette with Morphe that has tons of traction and in the beauty community. From working at M.A.C. Cosmetic to a freelance makeup artist on YouTube with over 4 million subscribers to date. All her videos are funny and wity and she has tons of talent. I love to watch her do her personal vlogging of her everyday, take you around with her things, and love her tutorials. She leans more on the high-end makeup brands but she does still stay true to some of drugstore brands. I have purchased more makeup because of this one YouTube star than anyone else. Check out her talent!
  2. Nicole Guerriero- A self-taught makeup artist from Tampa, Florida famous for product reviews, tutorials, hair how-to videos and the most famous “Car Ride Chronicles”. Lately she has been doing daily vlogging taking us through her day-to-day life and doings. Going to the nail salon and shopping at target and cooking with her longtime boyfriend Jeremy. I think she is the most down to earth, funniest to watch and keeps it real with all her viewers.  I love her famous quotes while driving “sir” and “ma’am” when someone plays interference in her lane. It’s hilarious and you just have to watch to understand. Nicole is well-known for her collaborations with Anastasia Beverly Hills on her gorgeous highlight palette and was also on HSN. If you haven’t watched her channel yet, get over there soon. She also has some bad-ass Halloween makeup ideas. That’s basically all how it started! 
  3. Casey Holmes– The southern YouTube star from Georgia, engaged to her military boyfriend Davis; is one of my favorite to watch. She has skin issues like rosacea and oily skin and focuses a lot more on drugstore products. She reviews both high-end and drugstore and is always willing to give affordable makeup a fair review. From monthly favorites and hits and misses and reviews, she also has a personal vlog page. With an impending wedding around the corner and looking into wedding makeup looks; you are sure to find a tutorial you will like. Casey has done collabs with Smashbox on her two spotlight palettes. She is funny and keeps it honest on her reviews and stays true to her fans. I love her channel and think she is genuine and honest. 
  4. KathleenLights– I have to say Kathleen is the most honest, down to earth, funny, silly and don’t care kind of girl. She has real issues like we all do and she shares some personal information but not too much. She is innocent looking and gorgeous and has talent in her tutorials. She has spunk and wit and will keep you laughing. Her husband Danny is in the military and she features him from time to time in her videos. Kathleen talks hair, makeup, and all things beauty. I love her channel and everything about her. Known for her collabs with Colour Pop, Morphe, and Makeup Geek; she also launched her own nail polish brand, KL Polish. Check out Kathleen and her spunky charm. You won’t regret it! 
  5. Laura Lee– The southern girl from Alabama with a strong accent and is crazy as all get out! Some people find her annoying (I did at first) but she grows on you. She is funny and just all around a very real person. She doesn’t pretend at all. Between reviewing products, tutorials, and sponsored videos from tops brands from CoverGirl to Smashbox;  she is doing quite well for herself. Starting from no where and now promoting big companies is a major accomplishment. Laura guest stars on other YouTube channels with Manny MUA, Christen Dominique and Jeffrey Starr. Also know for her collaboration with Violet Voss on her eyeshadow palette. Although some people take to the comment section to be rude about how she presents herself in her videos. I believe being herself is the best trademark she has and being herself is what I love best about her videos. 

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