Blogging And Niches: Where Do I Fit In?

I have been doing a ton of research on blogging lately. And finding a “niche” seems to be the main source revolving around the blog. Like some tedious rule, every blogger must find and stick to. It is the number one thing mentioned in every single pin to every single other blog about blogging. Find your niche and build your blog around it. makes sense to me but what about those people who just want to be able to blog about anything and everything?? We read magazines because of the multiples topics in them so why not share whatever we want on our blog? I’m sure some people already just blog about anything and everything already and have had tons of success from it. I guess I just didn’t know where I would fit into a community where a certain “niche” was spoken so much about. I enjoy multiple things and know a little about a little stuff, but to say I know a lot about one thing is total BS.

I tried to think about all the things I could narrow it down to in between who I am and what I like and decide what kind of blog I was going to have.
-I am a mom -I love music -I love books -I love movies
-I love photography -I love poetry/poems -I love makeup and beauty
-I have health issues as well as my daughter

I could not pick just one thing to write about! First off, I’m a mom and wife first in my life and it is the most important. Honestly, a mommy blog doesn’t suit me well because I’m barely surviving this hood myself. What kind of mom blog would I have begging for help all the time??? Wouldn’t do much good having a mommy blog advising you to self-medicate with margaritas and hide in the closet and cry. Let’s face it, I can’t give out the best mom advice to everyone while I’m having a nervous breakdown, trying to make it through till bedtime, praying I get a shower today or tomorrow and maybe, just maybe get to wash my hair this week. I know some moms have it all together and will read this and think the worst but I will write to let the other half of the mothers know that they are not alone. Some other mother out there hasn’t showered today or washed her hair this week and is losing her shit just the same.

Music, movies, books, and poems are all wonderful things that I do to escape the realities of this world. They are my coping mechanisms and tools to my survival. I can get through with these things and I can tell you all my favorites and share all the good and the bad and many categories. Sticking to one would not be my typical ADHD style. It just has to be all or nothing.

That is where the health issues come in. I have ADHD and many other health issues and I want to share the struggle and creativeness about having and dealing with my illnesses. I advocate for my daughter who was born with a Congenital Heart Defect, and I want to make sure to share a piece of our journey and advocate for awareness for a disease that is killing babies and people of all ages every single day because of misdiagnosis. I have tons to speaks about on many issues in this area but to choose just this wouldn’t suit me.

Photography is amazing as well and I think anytime you can incorporate photos into your writing it brings words to life or paints its own story without words. I just don’t have the best products and knowledge on all the “how-to’s” to do just photography.

For me, sharing my life in my own way, with my own likes and dislikes, stories and poems, reviews and photos; is how I wanted to do this blog. I call it a lifestyle blog or a lifestyle/personal/journal blog. It’s my place to put whatever I want to put out there and I think singling out one specific thing to blog about is fine if it suits you. But for me, I will stick to leaving the world guessing what will come next I guess. It’s simple really. I parent, cook, write, read, watch tv, listen to music, and I am a woman who loves makeup. Anything that can happen in my day or has happened in my life that is noteworthy might make the front page. If you blog, blog about whatever makes you happy and you know you are passionate about. It’s the only way you can continue to keep up with the content.


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