New Mommy Must Have’s: The Things I Didn’t Know I Needed

If you are going to be a new mommy for the first time or even have mommy experience;  this list just might help you. I am the mother of only one child but I think I bought every single thing available for babies and figured out that most of it isn’t even necessary.  I have seen so many mom bellies lately and figured I could share a little information that might help. Post below may contain affiliate links.


  1.  Rock ‘n Play Sleeper– While we all know we need a baby bed of some sort, it is often in most cases not used by moms like me. If you plan to have your baby in your room and don’t have much space this is a good option for you. Also, this comes in handy for anywhere you go and all over the house as well. I used mine when sleeping at relatives with my daughter and it was the easiest thing to transport and store. Some vibrate and some rock by themselves. It makes your baby feel secure as if they were in your arms. It is one of the best purchases I made.
  2. Baby Bouncer or Infant-to-Toddler Rocker– They both serve the same purpose and they came in handy and got used more than I ever imagined I would need them. I ended up receiving both the bouncer used and the rocker new for my baby shower and the rocker still has use 4 years later.  I would put my daughter in one or the other in the bathroom while I bathed or put my makeup on and did my hair. I was a life saver to have it to drag from room to room wherever I needed her to be.
  3. Pacifier Clips I refused to buy these because I didn’t see any need for it. It didn’t take me long to realize that these little clips are amazing little sanity savers. After picking up pacifiers and having to rinse them off a couple million times…I bought a whole pack of these things. It bad enough they spit the paci out but when they are old enough to throw it, these clips are wonderful!
  4. Bumbo Seat I know, I know! I didn’t need one either but after I totally messed up the bouncer and everything else feeding my daughter in it and stuff, I decided to get one. Sometimes the highchair and everything is too complicated to get too and you want your baby right there with you. This might be a floor seat but I would sit my daughter on the table while I ate and I would feed her too. I have even used it to bath her after her open heart surgery when she couldn’t get her chest all wet. It helps them learn to sit up better in my opinion.
  5. Baby Swing My daughter loved her swing! Most babies I have had experience with usually do. Baby swings have been a go-to for all babies with colic, restlessness, and crankiness. My daughter would play in hers until she wore herself out and fell asleep. Love baby swings for everything.
  6. Boogie Wipes If you want to avoid the red cheeks, red nose, and irritated baby skin; get these wipes.  They have saline in them and they are made for little babies and tots noises.
  7. Bulb Syringe– I cannot begin to tell you all the things I have used these for. Little noses, ears, and even for constipated booties. It’s amazing how you never understand why you might need these things until you desperately need them.
  8. Baby Nail Clippers Those little nails grow quickly and babies like to grab at their face and eyes. Scratches on a baby are not cute but they do happen. Clippers are a necessity.
  9. Backseat Mirror-When you have a rear-facing baby or toddler, this is a must have. I would always be worried about what my daughter was doing or if she put anything in her mouth. This will let you see your baby and know that he/she is okay.
  10. Powder Formula Dispenser I absolutely love these things and used the hell out of them. I had a few of them for daily use. I would wake up in the morning and fix the formula in each of the slots with the amount she usually took. Her bottles would get filled with water and these with the powder and it was so easy to dispense into the bottle. Mess free and no measuring on the go. Night-time feeds were so easy as well. I cannot recommend this enough!!!
  11. Pack ‘n Play This good to have for all stages of baby. My daughter napped in hers on the top part until she started pulling up. After that, the top piece comes out and she played and napped on the bottom. You can travel with these for napping, sleeping at relatives, even for playtime in the park. We have used them in the family for parades with the kids. It’s portable and you will get use out of it.
  12. Different Size Bottle Brushes– Bottle brushes are good to have for bottles but sometimes you need the smaller cleaner for the sippy cups. And if your child is like mine and goes straight to the straw cups, these are definitely needed.
  13. Outlet Covers You will need these for a few years, so make sure you buy enough of them to bring with you everywhere you go. It seemed to be the greatest worry when visiting other people home. No one had young kids and didn’t need these, so it is a good idea to probably keep some on you all the time.
  14. Cabinet Locks You may not mind the pots and pans all over the kitchen floor. But you might need these for cabinets with cleaning products and anything glass or heavy that can hurt the little ones.
  15. Digital Forehead and Ear Thermometer– When you have a screaming kid going crazy and won’t let you take their temperature, these are good to have. It’s not as scary for kids at any age and they seem to be very accurate and they are very easy to use.

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