The Other Mommy’s Like Me: Mommy Chronicles

Do you know what other moms need? Other mommy friends! That’s right! Other moms who you can talk about all the ups and downs and highs and lows of motherhood with. A group of moms who will back you and cheer you on even when you are losing it all and ready to throw your very own temper tantrum. Being a mom is a hard job and even though some may make it look easy, the job is still tough. There is no manual on how to raise our children properly and we all learn as we go along. Every child and situation is unique and needs a different type of treatment. Most people on the outside looking in will have their input but they have no idea what’s really going on, on the inside. To all the mother’s out there who have all their ducks in a row and plan every move and all goes as planned….congrats!!! Some of us would love to be as organized and prepared but even if we try, it all falls apart in a short matter of time anyway. I have tried many methods of parenting just to learn that one method might work today and tomorrow it will all go to hell. Every single day is a new challenge for some (me for sure) and nothing seems to work at all some days. Hence, the reason I strongly suggest having your mommy friends and sisters in a close circle and never forget you are not alone.

I have read much about needed to stick to being positive on blogs but we all know what the struggles are in motherhood. The parts we need to remind each other about is the struggles that we all go through and that it is normal. You are not a bad mom or a failure because your child secretly hates you. I honestly think that’s when you know you are actually doing your best mommy job ever. We aren’t our kid’s friends to hang out with and have fun. We are to guide them and ensure they grow up to be decent people and discipline is a necessary step in parenting. I can hang out with them another time, but for now, I have to make sure they can make it in this world. It’s always reassuring when you have someone who knows exactly what you are going through and dealing with. Other moms who have been there and seen it all can give you advice and help you find ways through it. It’s not a competition to see how many awards we can win as mothers or how much better one kid is over the other. The reward is surviving another day and finding a way to get through the tough times and know that you are not the only mother in the world losing her shit at every single turn and corner. No way could I have ever imagined others going through the same with their child as I am with mine. Seeing their kids today, you wouldn’t even know it. Age makes a big difference, and turning 4 is going to be rough as it has been a rough year already. But with friends who have seen, heard and been through it all too; it’s safe to say, I will get through this and be okay.

So if you are in need of some mommy reassurance, get together with all your mommy friends and their children and you will see just how much you are not alone! When multiple mommies start losing their shit with you on all those kids together; I think the kids, including yours, will think twice before acting an ass again….well maybe in front of the mommy group. If not, maybe one of your mommy friends will be able to help you get through the tantrum moment and talk you out of giving in. They know what being a mother is like and judgment is spared.  When the rest of the world is staring at you with harsh judgment when you are about ready to go all ape shit on your kid; your mom friends are looking at you with eyes of courage. Always letting you know you can get through this and they know and understand and they have your back.  God Bless mommy friends!


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