My Day In A Nutshell…The ADHD Unorganized And Crazy Mom: Mommy Chronicles

My days have been recently forever changed by the new routine of the school goer. Only week two and I’m already passing out before midnight when I used to be able to stay up till 3 am or later. Not anymore y’all!! Mama can’t hang with this early morning routine with the youngin. Too early to start all that fussing to eat and get dressed and all that wonderful life crap you MUST do to survive and stuff. Just let me sleep and hand me unlimited amounts of already fixed coffee and I am a happy person. Plus, I am usually no use until after my Vyvanse kicks in and having to wake up and start being productive in an orderly fashion just pisses me off more because it takes hours for the meds to kick in.  How freaking lovely!!! Can you even imagine how my days go without my meds all day if you can imagine my morning waiting for them to kick in?? I know??!! Sucks! Okay, so here is my day in a nutshell…basically just imagine me, the nutcase, having a mommy kind of day on crack with ADHD without a brain.

I set my alarm every night for 6 am, 6:30 am, and 6:40 am. I have every intention of getting up at 6 am to do my hair and makeup and get my own self dressed and ready for the day, then wake my daughter at 6:30. Never happens!! I wake up and go pee and turn the lights on and want to curse the day before it even starts.

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I then try to wake my daughter up who I know is completely tired from going to bed late the night before after multiple attempts of trying to get her to lay down and GO TO SLEEP!!!!! She never listens and is extremely tired in the morning. She hates school and the world for a minute after waking up.

I then convince her of all the fun she will have and how going to school is a must for all big girls and boys to learn and grow. She changes her mind and then is all excited about school and making plans for the day and such.



Once we get her uniform on and I’ve asked over a million and one times if she had to potty; she then needs to potty. As soon as she is done it is time for her to do her hair because waiting for her to eat takes forever. This kid has a preference in how her hair is done yet she hates her hair to be brushed. She is her mother’s daughter, that’s for sure!!! She just can’t keep still or keep her head straight and her hair no matter the choice of style comes out looking all effed up. I’m no hair dresser by all means, but I would like for her hair to look like I put forth some kind of effort. Everything is either crooked or something sticking out or up…not too cute.

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Once the hair is fixed I fix her breakfast and pray to Jesus that she decides to eat it all or almost all of it. While she is eating I have every intention to get dressed myself and do my hair and makeup. Not a full face but enough to make me comfortable with leaving the house. I do not go anywhere without some kind of makeup on. At this point in time I am hollering from the bathroom asking if she is eating and while I’m assuming she is eating, she is playing with Sara and Lily (her 2 dolls).

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That continues until my husband gets home from work and can help me for a few minutes. I’m rushing around trying to get my kid to eat, eat a little something myself, find her school bag and make sure I didn’t overlook anything, put my makeup on and put on my clothes. I’m my true ADHD self in the morning hours

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After fighting her to eat a little something and to put her shoes on; it’s time to brush her teeth. She has to use a certain toothpaste and has to use that timer app most of the time. It drives me insane! The job gets done and even when I think we have time to spare, we don’t. We make it to the car and head to school. She does well almost every morning to go to school…thankfully!!!! The other day she refused to get out the car because she didn’t like school anymore because it prevented her and her cousin from spending another night together. How insane is that?!


After she is dropped off, me and my hubby come home and start working on stuff we never seem to get done with our daughter around.

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Ha ha!! Just kidding…well…………..

Anyways, my husband works nights so we have some quality time to spend together and have time to cook and eat together and actually help each other do chores around the house. We were usually in two different directions trying to do separate things or one watching the kid while the other was doing something. School is helping us out a lot. We have actually laid down together and watched a movie…an adult movie for adults. Nothing animated for children. I’m talking about something rated R for the viewing of adults. We are always watching censored TV and cartoons. Every TV in this house lives on Nick Jr or Disney Jr for the most part and in the mornings on PBS kids. It was time for some adulting story lines.

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The Sad part is the other day my husband and I watched the kid movie Sing and Moana after my daughter was at school. I love both shows and it wasn’t my first time watching either one of them.

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Once it gets closer to 2:30 and clothes and dishes are done, floors are swept and cleaned, food is cooked are heated or whatnot…it’s time to watch the clock till 2:50 when I get in my car and leave to go sit in line to wait for my kid at school. The school is 2 minutes away from home and lets out at 3:10 but I act like my child needs me as soon as possible and I still end up 8th or 10th in line when I think I’m actually early.


When I finally get up to get my kid into the car I either forget to unlock the door or something. It never fails. Always something. She gets in the car and starts telling me all about her day and can’t wait to get home and tell her daddy too. We make it back home and she gets to tell her kitty and dog hello and finally makes her way to her dad to tell him about her day before he’s off to sleep for work that night.

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I check her folder to make sure she did good for the day and make sure she has a green light. If she has anything else she is in trouble because she needs to work on her behavior. She got her first yellow light today which isn’t the worst but it is still not what I want for her. She said it was because she was nauseated but she still needs to be respectful and mind her manners. She usually wants something to eat when she gets home and locks Gypsy, our toy poodle (her sister), in her room with her. She eats and plays with her and kicks me out of there. She only calls me in there when a commercial comes on for a toy that she wants to show me. “Mom! Come see! I want this for Christmas or my birthday. Can I have that toy?” Then the door is slammed in my face again.

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She eats supper and plays inside or outside and on Wednesdays, she goes to dance class for an hour. Usually by 6 or 6:30 it is bath time. She usually wants a million toys to play with and tries to flood the entire bathroom every single night.

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Then I try to get her to have a snack and try to lay down and then all hell breaks loose because she is defiant as all get out.

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Eventually, I get her laying down and calm…er….and then she is almost dozing off and then she is starving. It seems to be an endless battle with this kid. No matter what she eats all day she either is hungry, thirsty or needs to pee when it’s time to sleep. At some point when it’s way past bedtime and I know it will be a repeat exhausting routine once again in the morning for her, she decides to doze off to la la land.

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And then I try to go shower with not so much luck some nights and then try to get some work done on the computer. Most of the time I am beaten to hell after the day I’ve had and I’m falling out all over the place.

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I either go to sleep or end up staying up and never finishing anything I started or I get sidetracked. I swear they need ADHD meds that work around the clock so I can be productive constantly. Then I wake up and repeat the chaotic process depending on the day of the week and the task at hand. Tomorrow if a birthday party and my daughter is in bed with me and her mouth is practically against my side. I feel her drool on my shirt and she is sleeping extremely hard. She has had a little sinus issue this week and her meds make her sleep hard and drool.  Hopefully tomorrow…or shall I say today is a better day for the both of us!

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2 Replies to “My Day In A Nutshell…The ADHD Unorganized And Crazy Mom: Mommy Chronicles”

  1. Thank you, Beckie! Even when I try not to be funny somehow I always seem to make someone laugh. For that I am grateful but I sure feel like a complete mess around the clock lol. I have been told to try meditation and I look forward to the day that I try it…I am so a mess! As of right now…at this very moment, I could use every single thing available because my child is whining about not having a pumpkin brownie available at her convenience and I made it worse by laughing and telling her I ate the last one. 🙁 I’m such a mean mom. She asked for it with the whining though lol. I guess I’m off to the store to buy more then. in a moment 🙂 I’m so glad you visited and commented. I am looking forward to reading more from you 🙂 Hope you are having a great Labor Day!

  2. OMG!!! You missed your calling. You should be a stand up comedian. I don’t suffer from ADHD, but I do know quite a bit about it. I will admit this though, all my meds make me scattered brain from the time I wake up, until I go to sleep & stay asleep. I get so side tracked, that nothing I try to get done gets done until the following day (if lucky) LOL!!!
    I don’t have the child situation, and by what you described in great detail…maybe, it’s a good thing I never had them. (although, I truly wish I had).
    Have you ever tried meditation? (On your free time for that matter?) Try looking up on Youtube some relaxing 10-15 minute relaxation techniques. It can also improve your memory.
    I found it to be the key reason for a calming, especially when I require it desperately.
    I truly look forward to reading more from you.
    Take Care,

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