Just A Little Something About Everything And Nothing

It’s been a little while since I have written. Scratch that…I have seven different entries and none are complete and some are pretty close to finished and I refused to finish due to the nature of the post it was becoming. I have had some bad days and good days in the past few weeks. My daughter became sick and I was busy making sure she got everything needed to get better. My life is mine so needless to say the shit always gets out of whack a time or two or two million :/

I went shopping and got to hang out with my baby sister and her little munchkin this morning and that was fun. We don’t get to do it often because we both have families and other things going on with our lives and we live a little ways away from each other. Not too far but enough to where we can’t just run down the street….how nice it would be to have both my sisters down the street?? AMAZING!!!

This post won’t be the greatest so forgive me if you are a die-hard Jessica fan (as if major eye roll) and you are dying to get your rocks off with some spectacular post and shit….this post ain’t the one for you tuts…sorry 🙁 I am still working on all the post I have going on and some I might send to the trash can…who the hell knows. I am me and I am still a work in progress as a human being so this ADHD brain needs some time out or in…not sure but I’ll be here letting you know through my ignorant ramblings and bullshit. Sound good?

So for the record, I deal with some pretty shitty people in my world and it consists of narcissistic, whiny asses and grown-up bully’s and enablers. Messed up, right? I know and I have to deal the best I can because this shit runs rampant around here like fucking cockroaches in an abandoned moonpie warehouse…just sucks dirty asshole! Lucky for me and my hubby we are both some very thick skinned people with the ability to take name-calling and consider it fuel to build ourselves up and better the people we are instead of letting it tear us down.

If I honestly believed everything people said about me and believed I was truly any of the things people called me I would have probably committed suicide by now IF I was as weak as those who do all the name calling and shit talking about me in the first place. That’s how they get their strength from breaking people down…sucks for them…I FIGHT BACK AND I DON’T BREAK EASY 🙂 How unfortunate for those folks! Sending thoughts and prayers for all my haters and naysayers. May your lies rest in pieces bitches!

Okay, I thought that was funny enough and I am glad that I can see the humor in my own situation. I am a forgiver of all people because it is the right thing to do for my own soul but I DO NOT have to put up with people or their crap, correct? CORRECT!!!! Mama has a daughter to raise and it ain’t even easy when my daughter got more excuses than a teenager when it comes to having to do anything. LORD HELP ME! My daughter and husband are my top priorities and the only people in my life that I HAVE TO AND MUST  look after and tend to in this world. I can love a million people but I’ll be damned if I need to check your feelings and include you in my life and routine because you feel left out (not YOU reading this…well, if you are the narc in my life…if the shoe fits…)

Jessica, Jessica, Jessica! Ssstttttaaaaaoooppppp ittt!!!!!  It is currently 2 AM here and I need tons of rest and I know for a fact that my Vyvanse left my system a million hours ago. So before I start using run-on sentences that make up whole paragraphs I will end this. Stay tuned for more rants from the dark side of the sleepy, reckless mommy. Before I go all apeshit on here and no one has a clue how far off the deep end I have gone and what the hell I am talking about.  I have my headphones in right now listening to some rap….GASP! SHOCKER! I KNOW!

Music is my therapy and I love anything poetic and meaningful and has something that draws me in. I am from the south so I love southern stuff. Southern rappers that have the rap/country/rock thing going on is my favorite. I have been listening to this song consistently and I love it. He has other music I like as well.  Check it out! 

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Watch the video here! Enjoy 🙂

Hope to be back writing on here soon and praying that everything works out for us. I am trying to find work during the hours my daughter is in school but my luck for just working during those hours are none. But I hold out hope for each and every day and pray that each day brings new blessings and opportunity for us and all who need them. Until next time take care and peace out!


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