Thank You For Paying For It All


Even when I am weary and down and out  and feeling lost,

I am often reminded to lay my burdens at the cross.

Though I am always considered a sinner; I’m human, no less

You still took the pain and hung there for me so I can be blessed.

I have faced many obstacles and endless doubts of my tomorrows,

But rest assured You provided Grace, endless mercy for my sorrows.

The storms keep raging on and the devil keeps nagging with rage,

I feel stuck, on edge, hopeless and at fault, many times I’m plagued.

I beat myself up wondering why is this my trial I must be allowed to bare,

And then He, The Father shows up and proclaims He has always been there.

Sometimes the lesson is greater than the battle and the battle is always won,

But I must learn to fight the right way on the right terms and things will get done.

Knowing where I need to go and where I need to be to handle this,

Gives me better courage and strength to allow my Savior deal with it.

No matter the journey and road and how long it takes to get there,

I know someone is walking with me, letting me know they care.

You didn’t have to do what You did for me when I wasn’t even my best,

But I’m glad you gave me a safe place after this life for some final rest.

Thank for the greatest gift of forgiveness and eternal life,

May I never forget the day your grace opened up my eyes.


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