I Think It’s Official…I Think I Am Losing My Mind!


No! Seriously! I think I am all out losing my damn mind these days! Please, if you have any tips are tricks to escape this hell that I am about to let you indulge in please feel free to leave me a comment. Just when you think your life might get a tiny bit better in one area and you want to TRY to work in another area…something or someone always goes and eff’s it up! ALWAYS!!!! NEVER FAILS!! Some people just cannot stand to see others move forward or be happy or content but that’s too bad.

No matter how I try to fix matters and relationships with people in my life they always seem to create a pattern that leads to the same crazy ass result and the same confrontations. It’s a never-ending battle so talking it out will never solve anything because some people only hear what they want and will do whatever they want no matter what because they will always feel superior to everyone and above everyone and their rules. It is called a violation of boundaries and lack of give-a-fuck and down-right disrespectful to those you claim to love….that’s right CLAIM! If a person TRULY loves someones else they will respect and honor boundaries!

When you have to come face to face with these “violators” on an everyday occurrence, it becomes somewhat emotionally draining in a very intense way. Anger becomes an issue and it also jeopardizes any relationship you have left to save with these individuals. Some people will throw themselves in your way for attention as if to show you they can’t be avoided and won’t be dismissed but YES YOU CAN AND YES YOU WILL BE! Pretending to have problems just for some attention only makes matters worse and makes me see your true colors.

I am in desperate need of an income that will help me in a huge way and fast. If my situation doesn’t change soon, I’m afraid my health with decline even worse and I have a daughter to think about. Sad shame that others around only think of themselves instead of the people who have to raise this little girl and my family is always put in a tough spot. But it’s always about them, them, them! ALWAYS! Time for some major changes and it’s time to get them done soon!

Dealing with adults interfering in your marriage and parenting and trying to control how people see you is truly challenging to say the least. When these people can’t control you, they try to control others see you. Some people will never be happy unless they have everything you have and have you be their little bitch. I won’t be enabled, I won’t be controlled, and I won’t be a doormat for someone who pretends to uphold this perfect image on the outside and is this evil bully behind the mask. The true narcissist in full!

If you are someone you know has ever dealt with a narcissist in their life then you can about imagine the situation in your head. God bless all those who have had to deal with these self-entitled grown children because they are truly a pain and will make you lose your damn mind. There is a way out and a sure way to go no contact for good with these folks. Just make sure you pick a destination far away from these people and never let them know where you are relocating. 🙂


Just to clarify…my mother is not the problem in this situation and is the complete opposite of the person I am speaking of 🙂  The quote above could get someone easily confused so I just wanted to clear that up for all.


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