Songs To Toughen Up And Face The Storm: Empowering Playlist

Sometimes we all need some music therapy to make us feel alive and make us alert and face the day’s struggles and storms. Most of the time we are feeling bad and down and need something to gut punch us in a way that makes us feel alive and taking back the day. We need a word of advice, empowerment, something to piss us off, some fight-back words to get us through the tough times. Here are some of my favorites that have given me some courage and willpower when I was down and it helps me fight my everyday demons. These might not be all positive and as light as air but when you are down and need something to get you through the funk you’re stuck in, I find a little hard rock, piss you off kinda music is just what I need to hear.  POST CONTAINS AFFILIATE LINKS

These are just some of the ones I like to put on as a wake me up and a boost to get through my down mood. These are affiliate links so if you choose to purchase these I may make a small profit. If you already own these songs…we have something in common 🙂 Rock on!


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