Been Gone For Too Long…Happy November And Goodbye October Y’all!


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It’s been a hot minute since I have even logged in or checked up on my blog 🙁 I apologize for my absence once again. Excuses excuses! I know! Just like me to have them for sure but I have always been one to explain my whereabouts and reasons. My life still sucks so what can I say…I’m still battling demons and waging war with the enemies of my existence. I’m burnt out and stress to the fullest and I’m all out of words or I have too many to put into logical sentences.

I hope everyone had a great Halloween, trick-r-treat, and got lots of candy from church or wherever you spent your Halloween night. I hope you all enjoyed your pumpkin patch visits and carving jack-o-lanterns and put up all your fall decorations. I also hope you found the time to watch all your favorite Halloween shows like Charlie Brown: It’s The Great Pumpkin, Hocus Pocus, Halloween Town, Friday The 13th, Halloween, Nightmare On Elm Street, and my husbands all time favorite Pet Sematary.

I had a good and busy October, let me just say that much. I had projects to work on at home and at school for Averi for the school Halloween dance. My husband gave me an idea after a trip to Hobby Lobby. It was too good to pass up so I made a cheaper version for the dance decor and props. The theme was Hocus Pocus so I was trying to come up with tons of witchy things to create. Here’s what I came up with.

20171027_102355[2268].jpg(Picture by Jessica Guillory)

These are my witch cauldron with a fake brew and it looks like the witch fell into her brew and she melted. See the eyeballs and teeth and her feet sticking out of the brew.

It was quite easy to make but I chose to not spray paint so I had to sponge paint and use a small paintbrush to do detail work. It was a bit time consuming and I was doing this last minute as well. I wanted to use bigger cauldrons but I am broke and on a VERY strict budget and did what I thought I could do. It still came out pretty could and I know now that I can do better next time.

I also had to make goodie bags for 19 girls in Averi’s dance class and 16 kid’s in her pre-k class at school. I bought the packs of Halloween cups for kids, a pack of pencils, and a pack of eraser assortments. I also picked up some candy and little activity book packs to go with everything. I ended up making little witches brooms with the pencils, some pretzel sticks, and some ribbon. They came out VERy cute!

20171023_1438492451-1.jpg(Picture by Jessica Guillory)

We also had my mom work on cookies for the school to sale for the dance and for the Relay For Life basket to bid on. My mom is a spectacular cookie maker and everyone LOVES her cookies and because she has a heart of gold; she donated six dozen of Halloween cookies. They are so adorable too and were a hit with the staff and kids! 🙂



This is the Relay For Life Basket (Bucket) that was up for bids to take the donation for the cause and this was the gift for the winning ticket pulled the night of the dance. (Picture by Jessica Guillory)


This is just one of my favorite cookie designs my mom did for the dance. These were for sale at the dance for the kids and adults there. They all sold out. 🙂 (Picture by Jessica Guillory)

The dance, or shall I say, Halloween carnival type thing; was really nice. I had fun and so did Averi. She ran around and played and ran some more. I walked very briskly all night :/ My costume….homemade by the way, was kind of tight. Averi wanted to be a Bumble Bee and she wanted mommy to be one too…..arrhhh! Sooo…I was a Bumble Bee!

I made use out of a long black shirt dress and some yellow duct tape and bought a pair of yellow and black striped tights.  It turned out okay and some people couldn’t even tell it was tape. SCORE! It was a win for me and Averi was so happy we could match.

The pre-k class also went to the pumpkin patch and I went as well. I took off early so I could go into town and hit up the Starbucks drive-thru and get me the biggest cup of coffee before going hang with a group of a bunch of kids under the age of 6. It was so much fun to watch my daughter play and have fun with her friends. Although I wish it could have been cold on that day, we are in South Louisiana so I can’t expect good ol’ fall weather to be present for a special pumpkin patch visit 🙁 But it had a great turn out and Averi got to pick out the pumpkin she wanted to take home. It was VERY nice!



Pictures from the pumpkin patch in Houma, Louisiana (Picture by Jessica Guillory)

For Halloween Day, I went to school to drop off the goodies for the class around 1 PM and stayed until school let out. I always enjoy getting experience and watch my daughter have her first experience with school stuff. I love to capture all the moments and collect as many memories as possible to show her one day. I want to remember these moments forever.


We left straight from school and went out to my parent’s house to get ready for Trick-or-Treat that night. My husband works nights and couldn’t come with us so he stayed behind to rest for work. We usually go out to my mom because of the neighborhood and the people in the area. I grew up there and know everyone around the neighborhood and it’s always nice to see all the people I grew up with bringing their kids trick-or-treating now. Where we live now it’s not the best place to go trick-or-treating so most travel to a nearby neighborhood but Averi wanted to go with her cousins instead of her friends.

20171103_202206[2494].jpgMy Bumble Bee and her cousin Trick-or-Treating for Halloween. (Picture by Jessica Guillory)

It was nice as usual and lots of candy but it was lacking the fall vibe. Heat, sweat, mosquitos, and humidity….I just want a proper fall and winter damn it! Louisiana has got to get some colder weather this year or I will freak out! The other night I had a ball with a childhood friend of mine and her husband. They had their neighbors and their kids and a firepit and some jambalaya cooking outside with some margaritas. It was also the coolest night and day yet. It was in the 40’s and 50’s that day and into the night.

We laughed and cut up until we pissed our pants and then laughed and pissed some more….it was the first time in a long time I had had that much fun just laughing and making conversation. My daughter was with the other kids painting a pumpkin and playing and my husband was with us enjoying himself as well. It was amazing to get away from the hell we call home and the people we endure here and have fun and not be judged and held accountable for not being considerate for the narcissist in our lives. It was the best and we plan to do it more often 🙂


Down by my friend’s house where the laughter and piss flows freely and the fucks aren’t given. Let the fun continue and margarita’s fill your cup. (Picture by Jessica Guillory)


On the downside, my dad’s kidneys are not doing well and the heart cath has been put on hold until further notice. He has to see a kidney specialist to see what’s going on and I’m scared to death to even know what is causing his creatinine levels to be going up when they should (according to diet) be going down. It’s bothering me very much on top of everything else I am stressing about and I know this is a place where I have to step aside and let God do His part. I am nothing compared to my Heavenly Father and I pray He spares my daddy and helps turn this heartache into a testimony of a lifetime.

Please keep my dad in your prayers and also my family. I am looking for work, or some sort of way to get help in my current situation. I would appreciate prayers for my dad and my daughter always. They are very much a huge part of my heart and mean the world to me and they are by far the toughest and the ones with deadliest illnesses. Pray for my mom and my siblings to overcome whatever obstacles get brought upon us and that the end result is life still flowing through our father and all of us. Thank you in advance for all the prayers and God bless you all!


My daily view and a place I call home for the time being.  (Picture by Jessica Guillory)






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